Conference Activities

Our 30th Atlanta Writers Conference on May 3-4, 2024, held in-person at the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel, consists of EIGHT parts and you may participate in one, some, or all of these events based on your interests, goals, and budget (note that Zoom meetings will only be available for query letter critique, manuscript sample critique, and the pitch meetings; the workshop, Q&A panels, free educational sessions, and award ceremony will not be available via Zoom due to the ever-increasing expense of the audio-visual equipment and personnel involved and the ever-dwindling number of virtual participants):

  1. Saturday Manuscript Sample Critiques (SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 31)
  4. Friday Workshop — The Unstoppable Writer: The Infallible Way to Build Your Writing Power, Practice and Platform
  5. Friday Publisher Q&A Panel
  6. Saturday Agent Q&A Panel
  7. Pre-Conference Edit (SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 1)
  8. Book Fair

Except for the Pre-Conference Edits, which will occur via email exchanges, all activities will be in-person at the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel on May 3-4, 2024. For any conference attendees who select the virtual option for the critique and pitch meetings, participation will be facilitated online via Zoom.

Click here for the pricing of each activity

If you want to register for one or more of the activities above where a submission deadline is indicated, click here for submission details.

VIRTUAL PARTICIPATION DETAILS: If you won’t be able to travel to the hotel, you will still be able to participate in the query letter critique, manuscript sample critique, and pitch activities via Zoom (the Q&A panels, workshop, educational sessions, and award ceremony will only be available for in-person participants due to the ever-increasing expense of the audio-visual equipment and personnel involved and the ever-dwindling number of virtual participants.). When you register, please select the virtual attendance option. If you’ll be virtual and register for one or more query letter critique meetings, please send your query letter(s) to Conference Director George Weinstein at by April 30 so he can send them to the agents and/or editors prior to their Zoom meeting with you. If you register for one or more pitch meetings, please send your query letter(s) to George by May 3 at 10 p.m. Eastern. If you register for one or more manuscript sample critiques, George will send their comments to you prior to May 4 so you can prepare for your Zoom meeting with them.

Please see below for a description of each conference activity:

1. Manuscript Sample Critiques (submission deadline: March 31)

One-on-one manuscript sample critique sessions on the morning and early afternoon of_A743435 Saturday, May 4, in the privacy of a hotel meeting room, where the acquisitions editor(s) and/or agent(s) you’ve selected will share their evaluation and discuss your project for about 13 minutes. A day or two before the critique meetings, you will receive the editor/agent’s written summary of comments and any notes they made on your work (they won’t do line-editing, but they shouldn’t have to; that’s why we’re offering the Pre-Conference Edit ahead of time–see activity #7 below–so you can make sure your work is free of errors and other content problems before you submit it). By the end of the session, you might be asked to submit additional pages or your full manuscript or nonfiction book proposal for consideration.

You can now register for up to three of these sessions through the system.

If you select this activity, you will need to submit the first 19 pages of your novel/memoir plus a 1-page query letter and 1-page synopsis; your query letter and a 20-page nonfiction book proposal; a query letter and 20 pages of poems; or a query letter and your entire picture book by March 31, 2024. NOTE: if there are waitlists for editors/agents, some will be shorter than others–use the link at the bottom of any webpage to contact Conference Director George Weinstein about who has the shortest waitlists among those who are a good fit for you and your work.

The agent(s) and/or editor(s) you select will return their feedback–including an indication of whether they want you to send a full or partial manuscript for further consideration–a day or two before the Saturday manuscript sample critique sessions so you will have time to prepare questions prior to your meeting.

After the final manuscript critiques are discussed on Saturday afternoon, all editors and agents will select one or two participants to receive a Best Manuscript Sample certificate, to be awarded at the ceremony that concludes the conference.

2. Pitches (submission deadline for virtual participants: May 3 at 10 p.m. Eastern)

_A743155For the pitch sessions on the afternoon of Saturday, May 4, in the privacy of a hotel meeting room, you will bring a copy of your query letter for the agent/editor to review just prior to your meeting with them.

If you will be virtual, you will submit your query letter to Conference Director George Weinstein by May 3 at 10 pm Eastern (to give you time to rewrite it if you’re also doing one or more query letter critiques per activity #3 below) so he can provide it to the agent/editor prior to their Zoom meeting to you.

This will be a strictly verbal exchange–you won’t receive any comments from them in writing. During the pitch session, you will discuss your project for about 10 minutes with the editor/agent of your choice, talk about your writing and your publishing ambitions, and ask the editor/agent for reactions to your query and the description of your book. If the guest is interested, you will be asked to send sample pages or even the whole manuscript for consideration.

You can now register for up to three of these sessions through the system.

Unlike most other conferences, the editor/agent will have reviewed your query letter prior to your session. The query letter does the hard work of introducing your manuscript concept and yourself to the agent/editor, allowing you to build on that foundation in a natural conversation, with no recitation of a memorized spiel. To help you succeed in your pitch session(s), you can also register to get your query letter critiqued on Friday, May 3 (see activity #3 below) by two editors/agents who you will NOT be meeting with on Saturday, to give you a chance to improve your query letter ahead of time without hurting your chances with your choice picks.

If you also want 1-2 manuscript sample critiques (see activity #1 above), pitching will give you the chance to introduce other editors and/or agents to your work. We recommend you DON’T choose the same individual for manuscript critiquing AND pitching. It’s much wiser to increase your chances by meeting with as many individuals as you can who are seeking your genre/topic.

NOTE: if there are waitlists for editors/agents, some will be shorter than others–use the link at the bottom of any webpage to contact Conference Director George Weinstein about who has the shortest waitlists among those who are a good fit for you and your work.

After the final pitches are discussed on Saturday afternoon, all editors and agents will select one or two participants to receive a Best Pitch certificate, to be awarded at the ceremony that concludes the conference.

3. Query Letter Critiques (submission deadline for virtual participants: April 30)

Writing a great manuscript is only part of the challenge on the road to traditional publication. You also need to write aQuery Letter Critique 2“bulletproof” query letter–one that won’t be rejected for errors of commission or omission–because agents and editors are not likely to ask for your manuscript if they aren’t impressed by your query. Therefore, we offer the “Query Letter Critique” on the afternoon of Friday, May 3.

The Query Letter Critique is the rare chance to share your query letter with publishing professionals for completely objective feedback. A pair of agents/editors will be randomly assigned to participants with the assurance that the individuals assigned to you will not include anyone you’re meeting with on Saturday, if applicable. Their role in this activity is not to accept or reject; rather, their goal is to help you improve your work so you can shine on Saturday and/or in all future queries. But, who knows? If you submit a great query letter at this Friday Query Letter Critique session, one or both of the editors/agents might ask to see your work too! It happens at all of our conferences and sometimes results in an eventual representation/publication contract (see our Testimonials page).

You do NOT have to register for the Saturday pitch in order to register for the Friday query letter critique–maybe you want to just try out a query letter with some talented industry professionals and get their feedback with no pressure or stress, or maybe you want to improve your letter for future queries. These are excellent reasons to take advantage of this unique chance to get important feedback about a submission that is usually just a “yes” or “no” proposition. In fact, since we introduced the query letter critique in 2013, most of our guest editors and agents have reported it was their favorite activity and considered it a must-do for all participants who are serious about getting their best work out there.

You will bring 2 copies of your query letter with you for the pair of agents/editors to read just before your meeting.

If you will be virtual, submit your query letter to Conference Director George Weinstein at by April 30 for the assigned panel of editors/agents to review right before you meet with them (if you’re also doing a pitch–see activity #2 above–you can submit your rewritten query letter for the pitch activity by May 3 at 10 pm Eastern).

In either case, the agents/editors will read your query letter ahead of their meeting with you and give you advice about how to make your query letter more polished and professional so you’ll do your best on Saturday and/or provide guidance you can use on query letters long after the conference is over.

You can register for a 2nd query letter critique as part of the registration process by selecting the 1st query letter critique and also the 2nd query letter critique.

At our recent conferences, nearly 50% of Best Pitch awards by an agent or editor went to those who participated in the Query Letter Critique, so this activity really does improve your chances to shine!

4. Friday Workshop — The Unstoppable Writer: The Infallible Way to Build Your Writing Power, Practice, and Platform

On Friday, May 3, after the query letter critiques, we present our ever-popular two-hourTama Kieves workshop, this time featuring bestselling author, sought-after speaker and coach Tama Kieves.

Tama Kieves, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, left her law practice to write and help others live and breathe their most meaningful expressions. She is the bestselling author of  This Time I Dance! Creating the Work you Love, Inspired & UnstoppableA Year without Fear, and Thriving Through Uncertainty (All published by Tarcher/Penguin-Randomhouse). Featured in USA TODAY, ABC News, Writer’s Digest, The Huffington Post, Oprah Radio, and more she is a sought-after speaker and visionary career/success and book/writing coach, who has helped thousands world-wide to discover, launch, and thrive in the life, calling and businesses of their dreams. She has given a popular TEDx talk and presented at national conferences, and through experiential online programs and retreats. Tama is known for her electrifying presence, warm compassion, edgy humor, and the big possibilities she brings out in others. Visit her at and sign up for her free weekly digital Fortune Cookies to keep you inspired.

Her workshop on Friday, May 3–The Unstoppable Writer: The Infallible Way to Build Your Writing Power, Practice, and Platform–offers crucial skills in developing your author platform: You were born to write. Let nothing stop you from unleashing your greatest genius—or sharing it with the world. Formulaic ideas about writing, selling, or growing your platform may have dimmed your enthusiasm or dedication. But know this: you have your own way to succeed.

Join us for this special book and writing coaching workshop and bring your questions, frustration, and greatest desires. Tama has coached writers and authors for decades and has sold five bestselling books to major New York publishers. And through training, hands-on coaching and guided techniques you will learn how to:
• Create a working relationship with yourself that makes you an unstoppable force of nature.
• Find your unique way to sell your work that feels authentic, natural, and fun.
• Move past any creative drought, rejection, or lack of time—and write.
• Unlock unstoppable authority in your writing and pitch with love.
• Tap your inner-messenger and cultivate a continuous platform.
• And more!

5. Friday Publisher Q&A Panel

On Friday, May 3, before the query letter critiques, acquisitions editors who represent HarperCollins,Editor Q&A Panel 9 Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Tor, and other publishers answer your questions about the craft and business of writing from the publishers’ perspective, including how they work with authors, the current state of the publishing industry, timelines for getting books into print, creative control and collaboration, and whatever else you want to ask about.

6. Saturday Agent Q&A Panel

On Saturday, May 4, before the manuscript critiques, participate in a candid, freewheeling IMG_7034discussion with all participating literary agents–representing agencies such as Sterling Lord Literistic, Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Jane Rotrosen Agency, Highline Literary, and others–who will educate you about their changing roles and the expanding responsibilities of the author, with advice about working with agents and expectations about marketing one’s work. Also get answers to your questions concerning everything from queries and contracts to publicity and social media. 

7. Pre-Conference Edit (submission deadline February 1)

To help you prepare for your conference Manuscript Critique–or simply get feedback on the start of your book to guide its development–the Pre-Conference Edit enables you to select a professional freelance editor who will content- and line-edit the first 19 pages of your book, a 1-page synopsis, and a 1-page query letter (for fiction and memoir), a 1-page query letter and 20-page book proposal (for nonfiction), or a 1-page query letter and the full text of a picture book (illustrations optional). These edits will be done almost two months before the submission due date for the Manuscript Sample Critiques, to give you time to correct, rework, and otherwise improve what you submit for feedback to the agent(s) and/or acquisitions editor(s) you select. Even if you’re not interested in a Manuscript Sample Critique, though, the freelance editor can improve your query letter and synopsis and spot issues in your manuscript that will help you develop the rest of your book and make it more saleable.

The Pre-Conference Edit will improve your chances with the agents and acquisitions editors and also give you crucial guidance about changes you need to make in the rest of your manuscript. At past conferences, nearly 50% of all awards–for Best Manuscript Sample and Best Pitch–have gone to writers who participated in the Pre-Conference Edit.

You can register for one of these sessions through the system and then add a second or third pre-conference edit at a discounted price by contacting Atlanta Writers Conference Director George Weinstein at

When you register, you can select one, some, or all of these activities. We offer a Conference All-Activities Package, which includes two manuscript critiques, two pitches, a query letter critique, the workshop, the two Q&A panels, and the pre-conference edit, with a $175 discount because the two Q&A panels and the pre-conference edit are free when you select this option until February 4. After that date, you can still save $100 by choosing the same Package deal but without Pre-conference edit option. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PACKAGE DEALS ARE ONLY APPLICABLE TO IN-PERSON PARTICIPATION (ZOOM WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR CRITIQUE AND PITCH MEETINGS WITH THE AGENTS AND EDITORS).


8. Book Fair

For participants with traditionally and/or self-published books available for sale, we offer thisIMG_6951 opportunity to sell and sign your work on Friday, May 3 between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. We will have a room designated for this book fair and will encourage participants to browse and buy all day. Complete details are on our book fair page. This option can be selected on a first-come, first-served basis while registering.


Bonuses (free and available to anyone who purchases two or more Conference activities above):

Prior to her 4 p.m. workshop on Friday, May 3, Tama Kieves will give two brief educational talks:

Editing with Magic (2:00-2:45 p.m. on May 3)
Have you ever read writing that makes you salivate? Writing that stands out or sweeps you away in a spell that never ends. The secret? Great editing. Yet many writers struggle with or resist editing. They might contend with perfectionism or overwhelm.

But editing can be fun, filled with creative magic, and be the difference between writing that sells—and writing that doesn’t. Join us to discover fresh new ways to edit, upgrade your talent, and love your writing even more. In a supportive space, learn how to:
• Know the right timing of each writing phase, and when you’re ready to edit.
• Use “the heat” as your faithful editing (and organizing) tool.
• Edit with your right brain as well as your left brain.
• Make editing really fun…you’re not redlining with a pen, but ziplining through the jungle!
• And more!

Uncovering Your Best Stories for Memoir, Self-Help, and Fiction (3:00-3:45 p.m. on May 3)
The right story tells itself with perfection. The right story is a revelation or a spell. The right story keeps you writing with your hair blown back. The right story can sell itself.

And whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, the best storytelling is instinctive storytelling. Fun. Raw. Sacred. Moving. But how do you tap into the most powerful stories within you or choose between competing ideas? What happens when stories run dry? Join us in this supportive space where we use coaching, instruction, and creative exercises to help you:
• Surface content you didn’t even know you had in you.
• Take chances, go “too far” rather than not far enough.
• Dig into stories– to reveal emotional weight.
• Go past “idea mode” into pen on fire.
• Know your WHY — and claim your indispensable voice.
• And more!

On Friday evening, from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., we will hold our mixer with musical entertainment and a cash bar. We invite Conference participants purchasing for two or more activities to gather in a private room at the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel for informal conversations with the editors, agents, and your peers. Singer-pianist and AWC member Mike Shaw and his bassist will create the perfect atmosphere for convivial networking.

Jeff ShawOn Saturday, May 4, while the morning critiques are held, we will feature live in-person talks by Jeff Shaw–award-winning and bestselling author of The Bloodline series of crime novels including Lieutenant Trufant, the first book in the trilogy, and the memoir Who I Am: The Man Behind the Badge–who will present “Law Enforcement and What Hollywood Gets Wrong” and “The Journey from Cop to Crime Novelist.”

In the afternoon of May 4, while the pitch meetings are ongoing, SouthernLove Hudson and Jennifer Moorman women’s fiction author Love Hudson and Jennifer Moorman, bestselling author of the magical realism Mystic Water series, will present four mini-talks:

  1. “The Best Thing I Did for My Career” (Jennifer Moorman): Explains the significance of stepping into the author role with confidence, and no longer saying, “This is a hobby,” etc.
  2. “Leveraging Your Superpowers to Excel as a Writer” (Love Hudson): How traits like emotional intelligence, empathy, and grit move the needle on your writing life.
  3. “The Secret Path to Becoming a Writer” (Jennifer Moorman): A lighthearted take on the fact that there is no secret path and there is no singular path to becoming a writer.
  4. “The Business of Writing” (Love Hudson): A deep dive into the financial and business side of writing, including how to ensure each effort yields a return on investment.

IMG_7139To close out the Atlanta Writers Conference on Saturday afternoon, we will offer prize giveaways, including critiques, pitches, and other activities for the next conference and lifetime membership in the Atlanta Writers Club. And then our award ceremony will commence, with all editors and agents announcing awards for Best Manuscript Sample and Best Pitch. Many participants who were awarded one or more of these certificates later received book deals from editors or representation contracts from agents. See who shines on May 4–it might be your name our guests call!

All bonus activities are free for anyone purchasing at least two of the following activities: the manuscript critique, pitch, query letter critique, workshop, publisher Q&A panel, agent Q&A panel, pre-conference edit, and/or book fair. 

Our Policy on Sexual Harassment

The Atlanta Writers Conference staff, Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) volunteers, and the presenters at its conferences are committed to helping provide safe, inspiring, informative events. The Atlanta Writers Club will not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind on the part of attendees, presenters, or anyone connected to any event sponsored by the AWC. We urge anyone who experiences or observes a problem to notify Atlanta Writers Conference Director George Weinstein ( immediately. We appreciate your cooperation.

Our Photo Policy

Atlanta Writers Conference volunteers will be taking photos during the conference to share on social media and use on the conference website to advertise the event and celebrate the participants and our guests. By registering for this conference, you are giving us permission to use your image for these purposes.


Please contact Atlanta Writers Conference Director George Weinstein at

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