Highlights for May 4-5, 2018:

– Six editors and six literary agents, with coverage of every major genre–from historical, literary, mysteries, and women’s fiction to children’s, middle grade, young adult, and science fiction/fantasy–and nonfiction topics such as memoir, women’s issues, food, pop culture, science, humor, and business, along with poetry and short-story collections and graphic novels. They will critique your manuscript samples and respond to your pitches.
– Query letter critique by an agent and an editor to improve your work for the Saturday pitches.
– Q&A panel with all of the editors and a separate Q&A panel with all of the agents to get two views of the industry.
– Screenwriting workshop to help you transform your novel into a screenplay.
– NEW: prep critique to help you improve your submission for your manuscript critique–or simply get feedback on the start of your book so you have guidance about making adjustments to the subsequent pages. A professional freelance editor you select will edit the first 19 pages of your book, the query letter, and synopsis a month before the submission due date for the manuscript critique, to give you time to correct, rework, and otherwise improve what you submit for the agent(s) and/or acquisition editor(s) feedback. This prep critique is free if you select the Conference all-activities package.
– Conference all-activities package, with two manuscript critiques and two pitches plus every other activity, discounted by $175. You will have the option to select this package either with or without the prep critique.


Do you want the chance to earn a contract directly with a publishing editor or with a literary agent who will represent you to publishers? Do you want editors and agents to tell you what you’re doing wrong and doing right in your manuscript, synopsis, and query letter? Would you like to discuss your writing project with editors and agents to see if there’s any interest in the marketplace? If you answer, “Yes,” to any or all of these questions, then the Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) has designed a conference for you:

On Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5, 2018, the Atlanta Writers Club will present its eighteenth Atlanta Writers Conference. The goal of this conference is to give you access to six top publishing house acquisition editors and six highly respected literary agents, help you get your work ready for them, and to educate you with a workshop and talks by experienced authors. The editors and agents will critique the manuscript sample, query, and synopsis you submit in advance; respond to your pitch; critique your query letter during a Friday practice session so you can improve your work for Saturday; and inform you via two Q&A panels about the current environment of the publishing industry and the changing roles of editors, agents, and their clients. A new prep critique will help you improve your submission before you send it for the agents’ and/or editors’ manuscript critique.

During the conference, you might be asked by agents and editors to send an entire manuscript or nonfiction proposal for review. Following that review, you could be offered a contract based on the materials you’ve submitted: after every conference some AWC members sign with conference guests and realize their dream of publication (see Testimonials page). You certainly will know more about how your work is perceived by industry professionals, and you’ll gain valuable experience interacting one-on-one with them.

You also will have fun, learn more about the publishing business, and get a chance to chat informally with these editors, agents, and your peers. In addition to the manuscript critiques, pitches, prep critique, and query letter critique, we offer an Editors Q&A Panel on May 4 to give you their viewpoints and an Agents Q&A Panel on May 5 to focus on their experiences and advice, so you get two views of the publishing industry.

Moreover, we are featuring a special two-hour workshop on Friday, May 4 at 4:00 p.m.: “The Alchemy of Adaptation: From Book to Screen,” which will introduce you to the tools you need to convert your book into a screenplay. This workshop is for writers at all levels, from those just starting out with an interest in writing for TV and/or movies to authors with books who want to turn them into saleable screenplays. Before the workshop, there will be two 45-minute seminars about developing 3-D characters and the art of rewriting for screenplays and books.

On Friday evening, we’ll have a free, no-RSVP-needed private mixer with all twelve editors and agents that is open to all Conference participants, so you can socialize with our guests and network with each other.

With the Editors Q&A panel, Query Letter Critique, and the two-hour screenwriting Workshop, it’s definitely worth taking a half-day off from work or home duties on Friday, May 4 so you can experience all of these educational and developmental opportunities!

On Saturday the 5th, while the morning manuscript critiques and afternoon pitches are held, best-selling authors Emily Carpenter (a conference success story!) and Buzz Bernard will give a total of four educational presentations. The two 45-minute pre-workshop seminars on Friday and the four presentations by Emily and Buzz on Saturday are free to those who register for any of the paid Conference activities.

Finally, to close out the Conference on Saturday afternoon, we will give away prizes such as a manuscript critique at the next Atlanta Writers Conference ($170 value) and hold an award ceremony, where each editor and agent will present a certificate to participants for the best manuscript sample submitted for critique and for the best pitch. Testimonial providers Emily Carpenter, Roger Johns, and Becky Albertalli each were awarded a certificate and you can see how it helped to change their lives!

Our guest editors and agents love the Conference as much as the participants. Previous Conference guest Mike Hoogland, Literary Agent for Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC, raved: “The gold standard of writing conferences. The Atlanta Writers Conference is extremely well run. George and his volunteers do an excellent job of providing writers with ample opportunity to network with industry professionals and receive quality personalized feedback on their work. Likewise, attendees were enthusiastic and eager to soak up as much information as possible. There’s a reason this conference goes on to produce so many successful authors.”



Please click the tabs above the book photo at the top of the screen to read the descriptions on the accompanying pages and select the activities for which you want to register. If you want to meet with one or more agents and/or editors, please read the descriptions they provided on the Editors and Agents page to identify the individual(s) who are a good match for your writing project(s). Likewise, the prep critique freelance editors have provided their bios and areas of expertise.

When you have decided on your activities and, if applicable, the individuals with whom you want to meet, go to the Register tab to read the instructions there, click the registration link, and make your selections.

NOTE: You must be a 2018 Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) member to participate in the conference (i.e., your dues need to be current through May 5, 2018). If you are not a current member or need to renew your membership, the registration process automatically will add $50 in nonrefundable annual dues–with membership valid for 365 days–to the total amount for the conference activities you select, as this conference was created by and for AWC members. The membership period of 365 days grants you access to two annual conferences, 12 AWC meetings, free workshops, and a writing contest with cash prizes. If you are not interested in the benefits of AWC membership, consider the $50 a nonrefundable conference registration fee.

You will submit your payment at the end of the registration process. Payment via credit card, debit card, or PayPal is required to complete your registration (checks are not accepted and payment cannot be delayed). Simply follow the prompts to finish this transaction.

Please complete this registration and payment process within 60 minutes of starting it.


If you have any questions after reviewing all of the pages on this website, please contact Atlanta Writers Conference Director George Weinstein at awconference@gmail.com.




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  4. I’m thrilled and proud to be a part of the Atlanta Writers Club. This conference is so unique in that it offers us writers an opportunity to have our work critiqued by an agent and to pitch an agent. I have attended two of these conferences and have found the experience to be incredibly educational and inspiring. I highly recommend it!

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  8. April Dilbeck

    I went to my first conference in November 2017, met with several agents, and received positive and helpful feedback. At a round table discussion, every agent recommended conferences as an excellent way to meet agents one-on-one. It’s time well spent!

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