Pre-Conference Edit

Get Your Work in Shape Ahead of Time with a Pre-Conference Edit

For the Pre-Conference Edit (termed the “Prep Critique” at previous conferences), choose among the freelance editors below–including two new additions for this conference–to edit your work well before the Manuscript Critique deadline, or to provide you with a detailed edit if you just want a professional reaction to your work.

For this activity, the submission deadline is August 16, 2020 (except for Rebecca Heyman, who needs submissions by August 1). Novel and memoir writers will submit the first 19 pages of their manuscript, a one-page query letter, and one-page synopsis; nonfiction writers will submit 21-page book proposal (including query letter); and picture book writers will submit their full manuscript and a query letter. The freelancer of your choice will content-edit and line-edit your submission, and provide developmental edit suggestions, within about 3 weeks of your submission so that you will have about a month to make corrections before these are due for the conference Manuscript Critique activity. The sooner you submit your work, the sooner you’ll receive the edits so you can get to work on updating your materials.

Note that this is not a face-to-face conference activity; everything happens via email. You’ll submit your work to the Conference Director, George Weinstein, who will forward it to the freelance editor and then send you that individual’s critique of your work within about 3 weeks of your submission date.

The freelancer’s mission is to help you submit your best work–whether for the review by the conference agents and acquisitions editors or anytime you send your query, synopsis and/or the beginning chapters of your manuscript–and also to indicate potential issues in your writing and/or the start of your book that you will want to address in the rest of the manuscript, to make it more saleable. At our fall 2019 conference, 65% of all award recipients–for Best Manuscript Sample and Best Pitch–participated in the Pre-Conference Edit.

As you read the descriptions below, please consider as many individuals as possible rather than setting your sights on just one. During the registration process, you will see who has spots remaining and can choose accordingly. If the individual(s) you want are full, you can add yourself to one of the waitlists. There is no charge for waitlist spots; if a spot opens for you due to another participant’s cancellation, you will be informed by e-mail and will pay for the activity at that time (note that this activity is free if you choose the Conference All-Activities Package with Pre-Conference Edit option at the start of your registration).

The registration system is set up to allow you to register for one Pre-Conference Edit. However, if you would like to register for two or even three of these edits (at $75 each), please contact Atlanta Writers Conference Director George Weinstein at


Freelance Editors for Pre-Conference Edit

evelyn-fazioEvelyn Fazio

I have been a freelance editor for over 15 years. In addition, I am an award-winning publisher with almost four decades of experience in book publishing. I have worked at Prentice Hall, Simon & Schuster and Random House, among others and was the founding publisher of WestSide Books. I also worked at the book distributor Baker & Taylor, setting up their e-books acquisitions program in which I worked with publishing houses across the spectrum.

I hold an M.A. in history from the University of Connecticut and a B.A. from the University of Bridgeport. I taught high school for two years before moving into publishing and am the co-author of seven nonfiction books, six of which make up the Staying Sane series published by Da Capo Press.

For the October 2019 Atlanta Writers Conference, two of the participants I assisted won a Best Manuscript Sample and/or Best Query Letter Pitch award.

I have experience and interest editing multiple genres in fiction and nonfiction and enjoy working with writers who are interested in getting published or self-publishing their work. However, please do not select me if your work contains graphic violence towards people or animals.

In fiction, I am interested in editing:

  • Mystery
  • Crime
  • Cozy mystery
  • Comic fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Young adult (YA) fiction
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Romance (not explicit)
  • Middle grade (Grades 5-8) fiction

In nonfiction, I am interested in editing:

  • Politics
  • History
  • Biography
  • Memoirs
  • True crime (not graphic)
  • Journalism
  • Spirituality
  • Psychology
  • Popular science (not technical)
  • Animals

Rebecca HeymanRebecca Heyman (Needs submissions by August 1 instead of August 16)

I began my editing career in 2007, after completing a BA and MA in English & American Literature at New York University. My no-nonsense, compassionate, creative critique and astute book coaching quickly drew the attention of authors and literary agents, and I founded Rebecca Faith Editorial in 2009. Since then, I have helped authors develop novels for indie and traditional publication; my clients have secured representation with New Leaf Literary & Media, the Jennifer Lyons Agency, Miller & Browne Agency, Donadio & Olson, Literary Artists Representatives, Wolf Literary Services, The Bent Agency, and more, and have been published by HarperCollins, PRH, Harlequin, Simon & Schuster, and a variety of independent presses. I believe that humor, honesty and keen discernment are the foundations of artistic growth, and am honored to journey alongside my clients as they discover new depths of authenticity, clarity and creativity in their work. Testimonials and more information can be found at my website, and a portfolio of selected projects can be found on my Reedsy profile. I am the founder and Director of The Work Conference, an annual writers’ event in New York City. You can often find me tweeting at @RFaithEditorial, about writing, books, bread-baking, and cats.

For the October 2019 Atlanta Writers Conference, four of the participants I assisted won a Best Manuscript Sample award and/or Best Query Letter Pitch award.

I have experience and interest editing multiple fiction genres. These include:
•    Young Adult, where I focus on contemporary fiction, urban and high fantasy, LGBTQIA+, and dystopian science fiction
•    Historical fiction from the medieval era through the early 20th century
•    Urban and high fantasy
•    Contemporary romance
•    LGBTQIA+ romance
•    Literary fiction with a strong plot pulse
•    Book club fiction
•    Women’s fiction

Please do NOT select me for space opera/intergalactic science fiction. Also, no sexually sadistic content. If there is graphic violence of any kind in your submission, please note as much in your query.


Janie MillsJanie Mills

I have been a professional book editor for almost two years. Before starting out on my own, I worked as a litigation paralegal and legal editor. I have a master’s degree in English from Louisiana State University. 

I strongly believe in two facets of editing. First, it is a collaborative process between editor and author. I do not put up walls around my head and simply correct errors. It is important to me to ensure that I understand and uphold the author’s voice and the wished-for goals.  Second, editing is not a process that can be rushed or hurried through.  It requires discipline and genuine care

I have experience and interest editing multiple genres. In fiction, these include:

  • Science Fiction
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Adult Romance
  • Detective/Mystery Novels
  • Southern
  • Middle Grade

In nonfiction, I have experience editing memoir.


Kyra NelsonKyra Nelson

My professional life has been devoted to helping people share the stories that are meaningful to them. I graduated from Brigham Young University after studying English language, editing, linguistics and English literature. My research as a graduate student focused on fiction. While at university, I taught courses writing, rhetoric, editing, and grammar. In addition to my academic pursuits, I spent several years with A+B Works Literary Agency, reading through slush piles and helping develop manuscripts for representation. I have six years of experience as a freelance editor and have worked with traditionally published authors such as Kalyn Josephson, E. Latimer, Kelly Zekas, and Tarun Shanker. 

For the May 2019 Atlanta Writers Conference, five of the participants I assisted won a Best Manuscript Sample award and/or Best Query Letter Pitch award.

I have experience and interest editing multiple genres. In fiction, these include:
  • Picture books
  • All middle grade
  • All young adult
  • Adult contemporary fiction in the vein of JoJo Moyes, Maria Semple, and Fredrick Backman
  • Adult historical fiction
  • Women’s fiction

I am experienced in editing the following categories of nonfiction:

  • Biography
  • History
  • Memoir
  • Science
Genres I do NOT edit: 
  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • Self-help

Grace WynterGrace Wynter

I am an editor, a writer, and a huge fan of shenanigans. My blogs (and a few of my shenanigans) have been featured on, the Huffington Post, and I am a regular contributor to Writer Unboxed where I share wisdom about the craft and commerce of telling stories. I have an MBA in marketing from Georgia State University and an editing certificate from the University of Chicago. My debut novel, Free Falling, was a 2016 Georgia Romance Writers’ Maggie Award finalist. You can connect with me at The Writer’s Station and on my author website,

For the October 2019 Atlanta Writers Conference, one of the participants I assisted won a Best Manuscript Sample award.

My previous clients include Georgia Romance Writer Maggie Award finalists and winners, and many of my clients have successfully self-published or received full manuscript requests from agents and editors.

I have experience and interest editing multiple genres. In fiction, these include:

  • General/contemporary fiction
  • Women’s fiction
  • Romance—all heat levels
  • Chick-lit
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Crime
  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Historical
  • Speculative
  • Young Adult
  • Diverse and LGBTQIA

I am experienced editing the following category of nonfiction:

  • Memoir
  • Narrative nonfiction


Please contact George Weinstein at


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