Submission Guidelines

If you registered for 1 or more manuscript critiques:

You will submit the following no later than October 7, 2020 via e-mail to Conference Director George Weinstein at

(a) For fiction and memoir, you will submit a 1-page query letter, a 1-page synopsis,and the first 19 pages of your manuscript, totaling 21 pages, in a single MS Word document (put the query letter on page 1, the synopsis on page 2, and the manuscript sample on pages 3-21);

(b) For nonfiction other than memoir, you will submit a book proposal of up to 21 pages (including a query letter on page 1) in a single MS Word document; or

(c) For picture books, you will submit a query letter along with an electronic copy of the entire picture book, with illustrations if available. 

If you registered for more than one manuscript critique, you will submit a separate file for each. Please follow the directions above and below for your second critique document as well. Put the name of the agent/editor you picked on each file so there will be no confusion about who gets which file when we forward them to the agents/editors.

The agent(s) and/or acquisitions editor(s) will go over their comments and suggestions with you on November 7, 2020 in a scheduled, one-on-one meeting(s).


– On the query letter, be sure to include the genre and the word count, and address the letter to the agent/editor you selected.

– Please put your name and book title in the header on every page and number the pages in the header or footer (does not apply to the query letter, if your submission includes this as page 1).

– Always use double spacing of the manuscript or book proposal; the query letter and synopsis can be single spaced.

– Put 1-inch margins on the top and bottom and both sides.

– Use Times New Roman or Courier New font.

– Use 12-pt. font.

– Indent the first line of each paragraph and don’t include extra space between paragraphs. Also, don’t hit Enter key at the end of each line to move the cursor back to the left side of the page–this isn’t a typewriter; any word processing software will do this automatically.

– End your manuscript sample on a complete sentence, even if this means having an additional page with the remainder of that sentence.

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