Due to the coronavirus and social distancing mandates, we’re seeing what we can do online. We’ve temporarily closed registrations until our adjustments are in place based on what our guest agents, editors, and workshop speaker is able to do. Once plans are in place we’ll reopen registrations if there are openings in the remaining activities.

Spots for the manuscript critique, pitch, and query letter critique may fill completely during the first month of enrollment, so if you want to participate especially in those activities, register now. 

The pre-conference edit registration and submission deadline is February 17, 2020. The deadline to register for a manuscript critique and submit your work for evaluation is April 7, 2020, but all these spots will be filled long before then, with extensive waitlists, so register ASAP. The deadline to register for the other activities is May 7, 2020, but all the pitch and query letter critique spots–and probably the workshop and Q&A panels–will be filled long before then as well. Again, don’t delay in your registration if you want to avoid a waitlist.

In all cases, payment is due during the registration process. If you fail to pay, you will not be included on the registration list. Also, you must complete the registration and payment process within 60 minutes of starting it, or your registration will not be recorded.

Please see the Refund Policy for deadlines to cancel your registration for any activity in order to receive a partial refund.



Please contact George Weinstein at

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