Please read the descriptions on the webpages at the top of the screen (these links are listed above the book image) so you’ll have complete information about each of the conference activities for which you might want to register, the deadlines, refund policy, timing, and so on. If you want to meet with one or more agents and/or editors, please read the descriptions they provided on the Editors and Agents page to identify the individual(s) who are a good match for your writing project(s). If you wish to participate in the prep critique, please read the descriptions provided by the freelance editors on the Freelance Editors for Prep Critique page to determine which one will be the best match for you.

When you have decided on your activities and, if applicable, the individuals with whom you want to meet for the manuscript critique(s) and pitch(es) and/or from which freelancer you want a prep critique, click the Register link at the bottom of this page to make your selections.
First, you will be asked to enter your first and last name and the e-mail address you use to receive Atlanta Writers Club e-mails (if you are not yet on the AWC mailing list, please enter your preferred e-mail address), along with your mobile phone number. We’ll use this number to call with any questions prior to the conference and, during the conference, send you reminder texts to queue up for an appointment if you registered for a manuscript critique, pitch, and/or query letter critique.

On the next page, you will see “Event Registration” option (one or more activities, but not the Conference All-Activities Package) at the top of the page and, below this, two “Conference All-Activities Package” options (to do all of the available activities, including two critiques, two pitches, query letter critique, workshop, and both Q&A panels–with or without the prep critique). Select which option you want. If you are not a current Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) member, you will see the system has added $50 for annual dues (giving you access to two annual conferences, 12 AWC meetings, free workshops, and an annual writing contest with cash prizes). There’s no need to join the AWC (or renew your membership) through the Club website and then register for the conference–you can both things at once by registering for the conference. Membership in the AWC is mandatory, as this is a conference created by and for its members. If you’re not interested in AWC membership, consider this a $50 nonrefundable conference registration fee.

On the next page, use the “Add to Agenda” button on the right side of the page to choose the activities you want. If you selected one of the “Conference All-Activities Package” options on the previous page, you’ll see the two Q&A Panels, Friday Query Letter Critique, and Friday Workshop have been added automatically for you. If you selected the “Event Registration” option on the previous page, you need to click the “Add to Agenda” button on the right side of the page to select each of these activities you want.

To add the Manuscript Critique, Pitch, and/or Prep Critique activities to your registration, there are TWO steps to follow: (1) you must click the open circle to the left of the name you want and then (2) the “Add to Agenda” button on the right–you must do this for each of the agent and editor meetings you want (i.e., Earlier and/or Later Manuscript Critique, Earlier and/or Later Pitch, Prep Critique).

You will see a summary of your choices before the payment screen. Please review this carefully–if you don’t see a selection you thought you’d made, do NOT assume it’s included in your registration but somehow was left off. It’s likely you didn’t click the Add to Agenda button to include it. Also make sure you selected the editors/agents you intended to. If you left something off or mistakenly picked the wrong agent/editor, you can use the Previous button to go back and make changes. After you have confirmed that your registration is correct, please follow the checkout/payment process.

Again, if you are not a current Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) member, yearlong membership dues of $50 will be included in your total. Payment via credit card, debit card, or PayPal is required to complete your registration (checks are not accepted, and payment cannot be delayed). Simply follow the prompts to finish this transaction.

You must complete this registration and payment process within 60 minutes of starting it, or your registration will not be recorded. The registration process should take you much less than 10 minutes–the instructions above might indicate otherwise, but we are erring on the side of over-explanation and redundancy rather than assuming the steps are obvious. Don’t start to register and then walk away and come back to it an hour later to finish it. Instead, if you get interrupted, save your progress, exit, and come back when you have time to complete this.

Here is the registration link when you are ready to begin:


If you have any questions, please contact Atlanta Writers Conference Director George Weinstein at


Our Policy on Sexual Harassment

The Atlanta Writers Conference staff, Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) volunteers, and the presenters at its conferences are committed to helping provide safe, inspiring, informative events. The Atlanta Writers Club will not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind on the part of attendees, presenters, or anyone connected to any event sponsored by the AWC. We urge anyone who experiences a problem to notify Atlanta Writers Conference Director George Weinstein (404-632-3525 or immediately. We appreciate your cooperation.


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